How exciting! Did you know the best time to incorporate landscape design with your new home is when architect plans have been completed?  We like to embrace mother nature rather than force her to change.  To be in on the project this early allows us to appreciate the character and topography of the site for what it is and see what ways we can work with what I already there.  There are many factors to take into consideration when landscaping and if we have the opportunity to be brought in on the project this early the creativity factor is unlimited!

Backyard hardscaping includes patios, decks and paths which define activity areas and lead you from one destination point to the next. The materials you build with will influence the style and function of your outdoor living spaces and will indicate whether your yard is meant ot be traveled through efficiently or leisurely.

A patio just outside the back door serves as a transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, bridging the gap between the protection of the house and the openness of the yard.  Patios can be be built in the center or at the edges of the backyard as destination points or to carve out an area for a particualar activity, such as dining or lounging by the pool. A low wall can surround all or part of the patio, or you can simply edge the area wiwth the same material used for the patio surface or with a contrasting stone or brick.