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14 Secret Landscaper Tips and Tricks

14 Secret Landscaper Tips and Tricks:   These tools and techniques are used by professional landscapers to make quick work of yard and garden tasks. Steal their ideas and make more efficient use of your gardening time and money. Get a Tarp Use a tarp to move lightweight bulky debris like leaves, weeds, and even [...]

The best free dog friendly landscaping advice

     Anyone who owns a home and a dog knows the perils of joining these two things together. Dog friendly landscaping may seem to be an oxymoron. With all the digging, chewing, peeing and trampling it may seem impossible to ever enjoy your yard again. We have rounded up some of the best free advice [...]

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Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts When You Have a Dog

Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts When You Have a Dog Published: May 16, 2014 By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon Your dog may be your best friend, but he’s not your yard’s BFF. Here are some guidelines to help you all get along. You can create an outdoor space that both you and your pooch will love with a [...]

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Interesting Facts About Dogwood Trees

Interesting Facts About Dogwood Trees By Shannon C The Dogwood tree, or Cornus florida, is legendary for its beauty. The Dogwood blossom, a four pointed white blossom tinged with red at each edge, is the state flower of North Carolina, and has a rich history—both fact and legend—attached to the tree. The Dogwood tree blossoms [...]

Color Guide: Warm Colors

By: Southern Living Plants Warm Colors are reds, oranges, and yellows.  They command attention and are best used in areas of the landscape where you want to make a statement.  If choosing a warm color scheme, plant reds in the background, oranges in the middle, and yellows in the front – the same order as [...]

Best Spring Planting for Alabama According to the Farmers Almanac

2014 Best Spring Planting Dates for Seeds for Lake Martin, AL and Surrounding Areas When determining the best planting dates in the spring for seeds, the date of the last spring frost is important to your success. NOTE: Our chart calculates U.S. frost dates only, based on historical data. Other factors can also influence planting dates, including soil [...]

Article by National Christmas Tree Association

Real Christmas Trees are Recyclable After the holidays, don’t throw your Real Christmas Tree in the trash or set it on the curb. Real Christmas Trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily reused or recycled for mulch and other purposes. Here are some recycling options and tips on what to do with your tree after [...]

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Backyard Decks

By: Backyards A Sunset Design Guide When backyards are sloped or the unevenness of the terrain makes it difficult to build a patio, decks are an ideal solution. Wooden structures can be freestanding or attached to the house, and if you choose composite decking instead of natural wood, you won't have much annual maintenance to [...]

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Planning to Build

How exciting! Did you know the best time to incorporate landscape design with your new home is when architect plans have been completed?  We like to embrace mother nature rather than force her to change.  To be in on the project this early allows us to appreciate the character and topography of the site for [...]

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Fabulous Firepit

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