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March Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance When the green grass begins to show and the brown grass bids farewell, it's time to tend the landscape.  Start with a soil test to find out how much your grass requires. If your soil is acidic, plan to do this every few years. Find a local cooperative extension to perform the test. [...]

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Landscaping: Creating a Smooth Lawn

Do you often admire those smooth green patches of grass on other neighbors property? How do they get the bumps out? Why is my grass so lumpy? The questions pile up and it can seem overwhelming. Stop, take a breath and grab your reading glasses. We'll lay out the outline for a smooth lawn and [...]

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Bye Bye brown lawn

Did Old Man Winter take a toll on your lawn? Do you have a brown lawn where your once green grass laid? Breath new life into it with these 7 steps from This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook. The 7 steps are printed below for you but there is also a video of the process [...]

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Drain the Rain from your property and reclaim your yard

Rain is nothing new here in Alabama.  However, the soggy grass can make it difficult to enjoy entertaining outdoors.  Reclaim your property from the mushrooms and mud puddles.  Read about strategies you can implement to drain the water from your yard. Drain into a Rain Garden: A rain garden is a planted depression or a hole that [...]

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14 Secret Landscaper Tips and Tricks

14 Secret Landscaper Tips and Tricks:   These tools and techniques are used by professional landscapers to make quick work of yard and garden tasks. Steal their ideas and make more efficient use of your gardening time and money. Get a Tarp Use a tarp to move lightweight bulky debris like leaves, weeds, and even [...]

How and when to prune shrubs, hedges, trees and flowers.

Take the mystery out of when to prune your plants by following our quick-and-easy guide. by Denny SchrockFor a lot of gardeners the act of pruning is a mystery and therefore either neglected or done improperly. This article from Denny Schrock courtesy of is a great tool for any gardener to learn the best time [...]

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Five Winter Lawn Maintenance Tips

Winter is the time to carry out some much needed lawn maintenance. Below are five tips you can think about as the big cold envelops your garden and lawn. Winter Lawn Maintenance Tip #1 As winter approaches, gradually lower the mowing height of your mower. Winter should begin without any young, tender growth that makes [...]

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