Garden Graffiti

Add a very personal touch to your outdoor areas with garden graffiti. This unique technique is trending across social media now. If you have not seen it yet, a simple search of "moss graffiti"  will bring up tons of examples.  Pioneered by artists like the UK’s Anna Garforth, moss graffiti adds a fun green touch to any [...]

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July 4th Celebrations

July 4th celebrations mean fireworks, cookouts and lots of guests. The first part to planning your party is deciding on a location.  Being professional landscapers, we at Hilltop obviously recommend the outdoor venue.  To pull off an outdoor party you will need plenty of comfortable seating options, a great cooking station and some fun outdoor [...]

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The best free dog friendly landscaping advice

     Anyone who owns a home and a dog knows the perils of joining these two things together. Dog friendly landscaping may seem to be an oxymoron. With all the digging, chewing, peeing and trampling it may seem impossible to ever enjoy your yard again. We have rounded up some of the best free advice [...]

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2015 Landscape Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions for Landscaping If you are like many homeowners you have lots of dreams and wishes for your property. You may even save pictures and plans for future projects to improve the landscape around your home. Let 2015 be the year you achieve your dream. Some of your wishes may be simple such [...]

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Interesting Facts About Dogwood Trees

Interesting Facts About Dogwood Trees By Shannon C The Dogwood tree, or Cornus florida, is legendary for its beauty. The Dogwood blossom, a four pointed white blossom tinged with red at each edge, is the state flower of North Carolina, and has a rich history—both fact and legend—attached to the tree. The Dogwood tree blossoms [...]

Color Guide: Warm Colors

By: Southern Living Plants Warm Colors are reds, oranges, and yellows.  They command attention and are best used in areas of the landscape where you want to make a statement.  If choosing a warm color scheme, plant reds in the background, oranges in the middle, and yellows in the front – the same order as [...]

Best Spring Planting for Alabama According to the Farmers Almanac

2014 Best Spring Planting Dates for Seeds for Lake Martin, AL and Surrounding Areas When determining the best planting dates in the spring for seeds, the date of the last spring frost is important to your success. NOTE: Our chart calculates U.S. frost dates only, based on historical data. Other factors can also influence planting dates, including soil [...]

Ponds Serving as a Water Source for Wildlife

Ponds: Serving as a water source for wildlife, a cool backyard oasis, the perfect spot for growing water lilies, and a landscape destination, a pond offers a multitude of benefits. Ranging from a petite watering hole to a spacious expanse of dark, glassy surface,ponds will complement nearly any type of landscape. A cozy courtyard garden [...]

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Creating Outdoor Spaces

Inside the house you have rooms dedicated to specific tasks and the activities that take place throughout the day. A well designed backyard should function in much the same way.  Defined areas can be created for relaxation, play, exercise, storage, entertaining, dining or any other activity that is a regular part of your life. Many factors [...]

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Outdoor Inspriation

Creating a backyard that's comfortable and enjoyable will make your home feel exponentially larger.  Just think of being able to invite friends and family over for a weekend pool party or summer barbecue, where guests can mingle indoors and out. We can turn those dreams into reality!  We can make the most of small spaces, [...]

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